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ASOS Black Fall 2010

The Pea Coat
Throughout history, fashion designers have drawn inspiration from military uniforms. Many of these designs have been fads and have gone in and out of style in one fluid movement, but there are a few exceptions. One of those exceptions is the navy pea coat.


  • A pea coat is a heavy outer coat traditionally made from wool. Structurally, a pea coat is recognizable by its wide lapels, large buttons and vertical pockets. Pea coats are double breasted and traditionally fall at the mid-thigh. The original pea coat was so heavy that it featured a metal chain at the neckline, which was used to hang it. 

  • Origin

  • The pea coat was first worn in the 18th century by sailors in the European navies. Originally, the coats were made of a heavy twill cloth called pilot cloth or P-cloth. The garments made from this material were called P-jackets, which later became P-coats. This heavy coarse fabric protected sailors in bad weather.

  • Navy Standard Issue Pea Coat

  • The original pea coat was made from 30-oz. wool. It came in one color, dark navy blue, which could appear almost black. The wide lapels could be turned up and buttoned to keep the neck and ears warm. A standard issue men's pea coat has eight wood or metal buttons with the anchor symbol on them. While it is rare to see an authentic pea coat on the streets, they are available at military surplus stores

  • Fashion Pea Coat

  • The pea coat has become a fixture in fashion. In order to make it more marketable, a few changes had to be made to the original design. The two biggest changes were fabric and color. The original 30-oz. wool was made for standing on the deck of a ship, in the rain, in the northern hemisphere, but it is a little heavy for day-to-day wear. Commercial pea coats are made from lighter wool or poly blends. As for color, contrary to the original standard issue pea coat, the fashion version comes in a wide variety of colors.

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    Autumn/Winter 2010/11 Trend Guide

    Bikers Jacket/ Motorcycle jackets Trend or Classic?

    With its sleek leather exterior and smooth, sculpted lines, the biker jacket is a bit rock-and-roll, yet still a classic. There was a time when these coats were perceived as only being worn by tattooed bikers. Now they're a must-have item for fall.Back in the early days of motorcycling (circa 1920′s), some of the very first motorcycle jackets were actually military or aviator style jackets with buttons down the front and a short collar, sometimes referred to as a ‘mandarin collar’ characteristic of the era.  Many of the popular styles were constructed of brown goatskin leather and were of a short design with a fitted waist, similar to the pre-WWII Army Air Corps jackets.   Another popular material for these early jackets was horsehide. This thick, tough leather was in plentiful supply due to the Army Cavalry and many farmers, who used horses as work animals prior to the widespread availability of tractors, supplying these hides to the clothing industry. The first company to market the  was Schott Bros. who began producing the legendary ‘Perfecto’ jacket in 1928.

      Top  to bottom: Burberry Prorsum,Berberry Prorsum,,Versace,Armani,Michael Bastian,Juun J,Jean Paul Gaultier,Gucci,Rick Owens. Original Schott Perfecto


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